2020-01-31 v0.5.0 Added logout button to profile page. Preparations for publishing v1.0.0
2019-11-16 v0.4.0 Added optional parameter 'seconds per answer (spa)'
2019-06-10 v0.3.4 Little bugfixing
2018-12-06 v0.3.3 Show question and given answers on score page; added a Santa Clause cap in 'Avatar Creator'
2018-11-27 v0.3.2 Little bugfixing
2018-11-20 v0.3.1 New page 'Your Profile' with several settings
2018-11-18 v0.3.0 Rankings only for players with 10 or more finished games
2018-11-16 v0.2.9 Extended statistics: client and world rankings
2018-11-12 v0.2.8 Improved 'Avatar Creator'
2018-11-11 v0.2.7 Introducing 'Avatar Creator' for editing profile pictures
2018-11-08 v0.2.6 Fixed hanging ask page
2018-10-28 v0.2.5 Changed login procedure; new 'Report a question' button
2018-10-24 v0.2.4 Smoothed page navigation; bugfixing
2018-10-22 v0.2.3 New: Statistics page & reorganized navigation
2018-10-20 v0.2.2 Yellow button color in case of a tie (thx, Marc!)
2018-10-19 v0.2.1 Little bugfixing
2018-10-18 v0.2.0 Service Worker optimization
2018-10-11 v0.1.9 Autologin; colorization of finished games
2018-10-10 v0.1.8 Show install message on iOS Safari browser
2018-10-08 v0.1.7 Show update message as alert with refresh on OK
2018-10-08 v0.1.6 Make it more exciting (thx, Markus!): show score view only after rounds
2018-10-07 v0.1.5 Push notifications for Android devices
2018-10-06 v0.1.4 Improved loading behavior (PWA audit score in Lighthouse of 100% - yeah!)
2018-10-05 v0.1.3 Time zone support, email (challenge) notifications to new players
2018-10-03 v0.1.2 Optimized display of remaining and finished game times
2018-10-02 v0.1.1 Preventing unwanted actions via Android hardware back buttons
2018-10-01 v0.1.0 Publishing of very early beta version